Yamaha demo song 2 – Brazen Romance sheet music PDF


Brazen Romance by Ricky Reinaldi. Also, Yamaha originals demo song of the second grand piano sound on Arius YDP 141, YDP 161, CLP 320 and many others! The most popular and most wanted demo song!

Latest update – 2023: this piece is the fourth demo song on Yamaha NU1X AvantGrand piano for their “Ballad Grand” sound (4).

Free sound samples and more details in the description below!
NOTE: this is the PDF file only!

For the MIDI and mp3 downloads go to the MIDI and mp3 page or buy the complete PDF and audio bundle for extra savings!

A beautiful jazzy piano solo which comes with many Yamaha keyboards as the second grand piano demo song. Also, You can find it under the names “Yamaha original” or “Yamaha demo song 2”. It has a real name – it is Brazen romance, by Ricky Reinaldi.

Some of the Yamaha keyboards which come with the same Yamaha demo song 2 (Brazen romance) are Yamaha Arius YDP-141, Yamaha Arius YDP-161 and Yamaha Clavinova CLP 320.

This sheet music dates back to August of 2013. At the time, there were no sheet music for purchase anywhere online. Therefore, we had to transcribe the demo song! Since keeping it for ourselves was not an idea, we decided to share it with the world! As a result, we started the DemoSongSheetMusic (and our old website – jazzcasper’s blog)!

Ricky Reinaldi’s Brazen romance is an easy peace to fall in love with! In addition, You might be interested in other Ricky Reinaldi’s sheet music (link). You will find his most famous hits, for example, the funky tune called Mighty groove (link).

Original audio recording is available on Spotify, Deezer, or Google Play (link). Here is a video of this demo song on YouTube (link). Now compare that with the sound generated from the Brazen romance sheet music!

Exactly the same, right? (A bit robotic, but I am sure You will play it better! 😊)

NOTE: PDF file only!

For the MIDI file, go to the MIDI and mp3 page or buy the PDF and audio bundle for the best price!


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